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VPN Flash & Hard Drives

Go anywhere. Sit at any computer. Plug in our flash stick or USB hard drive and watch the computer transform from their machine into your personal computer from home/office!

USB flash drive and hard drive technology will allow you to boot a fully functional computer from only a USB drive on virtually any computer in the world. Take your entire computer and personal files with you wherever you go–on a stick or mini drive that fits in your pocket. The device will boot separately from the operating system of the computer that you use. This prevents any software or programs on that computer from interacting with your own machine/data. It also gives you full VPN access and private email access directly from your device, making your activity invisible from whatever network you are on.

We offer two versions of these devices:

For a convenient, small size, we offer a USB Flash Drive version. This compact 128 GB flash stick is extremely portable.

flash drive.jpeg

USB 3.1 Flash Drive

appearance may vary

hard drive.jpeg

USB 3.1 Drive

appearance may vary

We also offer a external USB Hard Drive device with 1 TB of storage space making it possible to store many, if not all, of your everyday files, music, photos and such. It could even be used as your main hard drive at home.

NOTE:  Please contact us if you want the ultimate performance of a NVME or SSD drive using USB 3.1 or Thunderbolt 3.

​​Common features of both devices:

Boots into Linux Mint operating system which has a very friendly Windows type interface (if you can use Windows, you can use Linux Mint)

Included are all the basic applications you would have on a typical PC to include a full office suite, music player, DVD player, chat and messaging client, and more


  • 100% fully encrypted drive protects all of your information


  • Unspyable VPN service pre-configured and ready to use


  • One Year of Unspyable VPN and Email service


  • Setup and Encryption – See notes at the bottom of this page.

USB Flash Drive only features:

  • 128 GB of  high speed USB 3.1 flash drive capacity  for maximum performance..

USB Hard Drive only features:

  • 1 TB ultra slim USB 3.1 external hard drive.


32 GB SD Drive

appearance may vary


128 GB SD Drive

appearance may vary


32 GB SD Micro Drive

appearance may vary


128 GB SD Micro Drive

appearance may vary

Stealth VPN Flash Drives


Easy to conceal and fully functional VPN-enabled secure drives.

Similar to our VPN flash drive, these devices are minature and ultra-miniature versions. Which makes it very easy to hide your 'computer' and files almost anywhere. The smallest device based on Micro SD technology is about the size of a dime. In that space is housed a fully bootable computer complete with pre-configured VPN service, pre-configured email service and all the other features of a modern operating system including web browsing. Our other two devices are slightly larger but offer better performance overall. The standard SD device is not much large than a quarter, The largest device is based on standard compact flash memory and is the most robust of the three.

Easy to boot from any computer

Most modern computers have SD slots built in. So it’s just a matter of interrupting the boot of the computer and directing it to boot off the SD flash drive instead of the regular hard drive. The Micro SD version comes with an SD adapter that allows it to work in standard SD slots. Or you can get a Flash USB 3.0 adapter that will work with any of the drives above.

For maximum stealth effect, you can use many digital cameras as a USB adapter. Simply plug the SD card into the camera and the camera into the computer. The camera becomes the USB adapter. To anyone observing, it looks like you are downloading files from your camera instead of accessing your secure computer.

Common features of all (our above) devices:

  • Boots into Linux Mint operating system which has a very friendly Windows type interface (if you can use Windows you can use Linux Mint)


  • Included are all the basic applications you would have on a typical PC to include a full office suite, music player, DVD player, chat and messaging client, and more


  • Unspyable VPN service pre-configured and ready to use


  • One year of Unspyable VPN service


  • Linux LUKS encrypted drive to secure your confidential information


  • 64GB high speed devices for maximum performance


  • All your history preferences and activity are totally hidden by strong encryption

NOTE: We use either Lexar or SanDisk high speed flash memory, which is the best available. The brand of drive you receive will be either Lexar or Sandisk.

Virtual Device Variation:

Instead of a fully bootable drive we can configure the drives to hold a virtual machine bootable from any computer running VirtualBox. Virtual Box is available for free for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you want this variation instead of the default bootable version please email us and let us know after ordering.  Please specify when ordering if you want the bootable drive or VirtualBox image drive.

Encryption Security:

Other companies provide similar products ready to ship and perhaps cheaper. However, what they do is create a prototype drive and then clone it over and over again. Each clone shares the same encryption master key of all the others. Even if they change the passwords on each drive, the encryption master key is the same. Therefore, all anyone wanting to break the encryption on such a drive needs to do is purchase one. Once they have a clone in hand, it is trivial for them to open your drive using their clone. The reason we have a 2 week build period on all drives is that we build each one from scratch. No drive shares anything with any other drive. All drives are hand built and tested in every way. In this way, you can be assured that your drive can’t be hacked using the keys from some other drive and is as secure as possible.

PayPal Purchase

<< Single price worldwide shipping will be added upon checkout -  $15 for flash and stealth drives / $20 for hard drives > >

BITCOIN:  We accept BitCoin for payment.  To use BitCoin for payment, email us and let us know what you wish to order. We will send you a Bitcoin address to send payment to.

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive an email with your user login information and setup instructions.


All devices are custom provisioned to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Note: We send your login information over regular email. For maximum privacy we encourage you to create a PGP key and send us the public encryption key. We will then send your information fully encrypted to your PGP key.

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