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Switch VPN Providers

Has your VPN provider been hacked? 

Have customer records been stolen in these hacks?

Have the hacks allowed for Man in the Middle attacks?

Has your VPN provider been caught selling or otherwise providing customer data? 

Has your VPN provider been found to be installing Bot Nets on their customers' computers?

Maybe, it's time to switch!

We've been providing VPN and security services for over 12 years and have always taken privacy and security as our number one priority.

Our VPN servers are not in any way coupled to our web site or eCommerce platform, preventing any hack that puts the two together--as has happened to other VPN providers.

Our authentication servers are secure and do not communicate to any type of automatic configuration platform. Again, preventing these kind of hacks.

Our VPN servers are secured and are isolated from any other network.

This level of security costs money to deliver to our customers.  Which is why we're more expensive than the bulk of the competition.  Real security and privacy doesn't come for free or cheap.  Our existing customers realize this and understand that you get what you pay for.

We're offering a switch over special for a limited time only.  Sign up now and get the first month for $3 and also a 20% discount on the remainder of the subscription.

Sale ends November 30, 2019.


70% OFF First Month


20% OFF Subsequent Months

( $3 - First Month / $8 ea addt'l mo )


50% OFF First Month


20% OFF Subsequent Months

( $40 - First Year / $64 ea addt'l yr )

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