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Setup L2TP or IKEv2 VPN on Android Devices

For IKEv2:  (IKEv2 is not native to the Android devices but can be installed with an App)


install the Strong Swan App, from the Google Play Store.  Then within the App select IKEv2/IPsec VPN

Click on 'Open'

Select 'Add VPN Profile"
Enter the server URL in the 'Server" field
Select IKEv2 in the 'VPN Type" field

Enter your VPN user name and password in the appropriate fields

Make sure "CA Certificate" box is checked

Enter a descriptive name in 'Profie name'

Click the 'Block IPv6/IPv4  traffic..." boxes under advanced

To connect:

Once the connection is saved tap on it.  Say OK to the connection request.  It will indicate connected once it connects.

For L2TP:


Go to ‘Settings’

Select ‘Wireless Controls

’Select ‘VPN Settings’

Select ‘Add VPN’
Enter a descriptive name at ‘Set a VPN name’
Enter the server name we provide to you at ‘Set VPN’
For L2TP, enter the IPSEC preshared key we sent you in the setup email. Do not check the L2TP secret box.
Press ‘Menu’ and ‘Save’

You might be asked to set a password for storage of the preshared key. If so, pick a password. This allows the key to be saved and not require it to be entered each time. Be sure to write down the password for future reference.

To connect:

Go to ‘Settings’
Select ‘Wireless Controls’
Connect to the network name you entered above
Enter your user name and password
Click on ‘Connect’
A key icon will appear indicating that you are connected

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