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Setup OpenVPN for Linux

Install OpenVPN

Note: These instructions are from a Linux Mint machine. The same instructions apply to Ubuntu and Debian Linux. Other versions of Linux will also be similar.

Open Software manager and search for OpenVPN.

Software Manager Select OpenVPN

You need to install OpenVPN and then OpenVPN connection manager gui.

Install OpenVPN Linux


After installing OpenVPN click on search results to take you back and install connection manager gui.

Install connection manager

After installing exit.

Place configuration files

Unzip the configuration files downloaded from the setup email we sent you. Place them as shown.

Right click on the OpenVPN folder and select Open as Root. Enter your root password.

Paste the files as shown in the folder below

Configure Connections

Click on the connection manager and Configure VPN.

Configure OpenVPN on Linux

Click Add. Select Import a saved VPN configuration at the bottom of the list. Select the first .ovpn file. Click open.


Ubuntu – Debian – Mint VPN

Enter your user name and password in the boxes and save. Repeat for the other connections


Click on Connection Manager and then VPN connections. Pick the connection you wish to connect to and click. The VPN will connect and pop up a successful message. In addition the Connection Manager icon will show a lock icon indicating the VPN is active.

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