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Secure Internal Laptop Hard Drives

We offer a pre-built and fully configured 1TB or 2TB hard drives, SSD drives or M.2 NVMe drives for you to install into your computer.  See the drop down menu below for pricing.

All drives include one year of VPN service pre-installed.

There are many sources of vintage computers in 'new old stock' or 'manufacturer refurbished' condition. These often sell for just a few hundred dollars. You can pick one of these up and then install the hard drive, in replacement of the one in the computer. Your computer will boot up and be fully secure.  If you don't need the latest, greatest and fastest for your everyday work, this is a good choice. In addition, many of these machines don't have cameras, microphones or other similar privacy related issues.

If you need memory, speed and power, the only other option is a new, high-end computer.  Our hard drives will work in these newer models just as well as they would in the older computers.  All new computers come with all sorts of cameras, microphones and other potentially privacy-infringing technology.  Our drives will make these as secure as can be.  But keep in mind that simply setting a camera to 'off' in a computer, smart phone or any other devices means nothing.  It's merely a software setting that malicious code can switch, at any time, without you knowing it.  The ultimate solution in a secure and private computer is to physically remove the camera and sound technology.  Some computers are easier to do this on than others.

Note: All drives are configured with a 64 bit operating system which requires a computer with a 64 bit processor.  Which pretty much includes all PC's built in the last ten years.

Encryption Security: Other companies provide similar products ready to ship and perhaps cheaper. However, what they do is create a prototype drive and then clone it over and over again. Each clone shares the same encryption master key of all the others. Even if they change the passwords on each drive, the encryption master key is the same. Therefore, all anyone wanting to break the encryption on such a drive needs to do is purchase one. Once they have a clone in hand, it is trivial for them to open your drive using their clone. The reason we have a 2 week build period on all drives is that we build each one from scratch. No drive shares anything with any other drive. All drives are hand built and tested in every way. In this way, you can be assured that your drive can’t be hacked using the keys from some other drive and that it's as secure as possible.

We also offer services to completely build for you a secure Linux-based computer.  Please contact us for pricing and details.

PayPal Purchase

< $20 worldwide shipping will be added at checkout >

BITCOIN:  We accept BitCoin for payment.  To use BitCoin for payment, email us and let us know what you wish to order. We will send you a Bitcoin address to send payment to.

All devices are custom provisioned to order. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Note: We send your login information over regular email. For maximum privacy we encourage you to create a PGP key and send us the public encryption key. We will then send your information fully encrypted to your PGP key.

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