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WireGuard Dedicated VPN Server

We offer a true Dedicated Server VPN service with the new WireGuard VPN protocol. The WireGuard protocol is very light weight, fast and secure.


There are a lot of places out there offering dedicated IP's, and what are actually semi-dedicated servers marketed as dedicated servers.  When we provide you with a dedicated VPN server you actually get an entire server and IP address dedicated to you. None of our other VPN customers traffic is flowing over your server and using up bandwidth like the others. Your traffic is never co-mingled with any of our other VPN traffic. Yes, we are more expensive, but we're giving you the real deal and not some dressed up imitation.

Using the WireGuard VPN protocol results in the fastest data speeds and allows very high throughput even when using small travel routers. 


Servers are available in the following locations:

Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE

Also available are Canada, USA and UK

The WireGuard VPN is compatible with Windows, Mac OSX, Apple iPhone/iPad, Android and Linux.  It is also compatible with several router brands including the GL.iNet routers we offer here, here and here.


These servers come with 1TB of monthly bandwidth and an unlimited number of users.  You can share the server with all your business associates or friends and ensure everyone has a safe and secure VPN connection.

All dedicated servers require a one year prepaid subscription


Credit Card Or PayPal Purchase

$175 per year

Bitcoin - 5% Discount


For maximum privacy, we process Bitcoin manually and do not use US-based Bitcoin processors.

To pay with Bitcoin, send us an email to let us know which service you want and we'll send you a Bitcoin payment link.

NOTE: Once provisioning has started on your dedicated server, there are no refunds available.


If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Note: We send your login information over regular email. For maximum privacy we encourage you to create a PGP key and send us the public encryption key. We will then send your information fully encrypted to your PGP key.

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