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Dedicated Personal Email Server

Your own offshore personal Email server.  use a domain you already own or we'll get the domain name for you. 

With your private personal Email server, the server only handles your email and is not shared with anyone.

We set up and secure this server only for you and those you wish to provide email addresses to on your domain name.

Ideal for small business or social groups that want to keep all their email "in house"  and not be shared over the various free email networks that copy and store everything you ever write.  Keep your groups or businesses email conversations private.  By providing everyone in your group or business your private email addresses you can be assured that nobody else gets to see the content of your emails.

All servers are managed and secured by us so you don't have to worry about keeping them up to date and safe.

Server includes 200 available email addresses and 1 TB of monthly bandwidth.

These servers are configured to order.  if you own your domain name that you want to use on the server we will send you instructions on how to set your MX records once the server is built.  If you want us to procure a domain name for you with privacy we can do that.

Server setup time from our end takes 5-10 days.  In the case of using a domain you own and control you are responsible for setting the MX records after we provide you the information. The time it take you to do this is no included in the 5-10 day estimate.

All dedicated email servers require a one year prepaid subscription.

We highly recommend you couple your new Personal Email Server with either our regular VPN service or a dedicated VPN server.  See the VPN Services tab.   If you want your email to appear to be coming from  a particular country and not from your actual IP address the VPN service will accomplish this.

After placing your order we will contact you to inquire what domain name you want  to use and what email addresses you want created.

Credit Card Or PayPal Purchase

< Non-subscription. Payment must be re-initiated by you at the end of each term, manually >

BITCOIN:  We accept BitCoin for payment.  To use BitCoin for payment, email us and let us know what you wish to order. We will send you a Bitcoin address to send payment to.

NOTE: Once provisioning has started on your dedicated server, there are no refunds available.​


If you have any questions before purchasing, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Note: We send your login information over regular email. For maximum privacy we encourage you to create a PGP key and send us the public encryption key. We will then send your information fully encrypted to your PGP key.

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