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The ability to maintain your privacy is essential and yet it  grows more difficult every day. Websites and search engines are tracking your every step across the Internet. In many countries web traffic and emails are being heavily monitored and saved for decades — even after you've deleted them.

Are you concerned about blocked Internet access, censorship, spying or datamining?


You should be!

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Personal VPN Service

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) encrypts your entire Internet connection. It creates a tunnel between you and a secure server in your choice of several locations. These servers then become your visible connection to the Internet. You are essentially browsing the Internet from our server location and all web sites you go to will see this address and not yours.


Secure Private Email

When you use email from the major providers, they keep all your email for years. Many of these providers scan your emails and create a profile of your life. This information is then available to anyone who wants to buy it. Our secure Email service combines the security of the VPN to protect the transmission of the email with offshore secure servers that keep no records.


Portable VPN Devices

Used in conjunction with our Personal VPN service, we offer are variety of portable VPN devices, perfect for those on the move. Just plug it into the local internet connection wherever you are and connect to the VPN to secure your browsing. Small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, you can take these portable devices with you anywhere you go.

What You're Getting

1. Bypass spies and censors, denying them the ability to see your stuff

2. Provide secure and private offshore email that is not monitored or saved

3. Hide your IP address from web site owners and search engines

4. Unblock web sites everywhere in the world

5. Help protect you from identity thieves and hackers

6. Keep your correspondence secure when using hotspots

7. Prevent web marketers from data-mining your life

8. Deny your ISP and others the ability to track your surfing habits

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